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corprate event photography

Corporate Photography
& Photo Booth Services

We specialize in capturing the essence of your corporate gatherings through professional photography & interactive photo booth experiences.

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About Us

At Mirror Image Photo Booths we understand that corporate events are not just gatherings; they're opportunities to showcase your brand, engage your audience, & foster connections.

Whether you're hosting a conference, gala, trade show, or team-building event, we're here to help you create lasting memories & enhance your brand's presence.

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Corporate Event Photography

Our team of experienced photographers understands the unique dynamics of corporate events. We're dedicated to capturing the key moments, emotions, & interactions that define your event's success.

Here's how our corporate event photography service stands out:

  • Professional Coverage: Our photographers blend seamlessly into your event, capturing candid moments & formal shots with a keen eye for detail & composition.

  • On-Brand Imagery: We ensure that every photo aligns with your brand's aesthetics & messaging, creating a consistent visual identity throughout the event.

  • Speaker and Presentation Coverage: We capture engaging shots of your speakers, presentations, & workshops, providing valuable content for post-event promotion & archives.

  • Networking Moments: From lively conversations to impactful handshakes, we capture the genuine interactions that make corporate events meaningful.

  • High-Quality Editing: Our post-production process ensures that your photos are polished, vibrant, & ready for use in marketing materials & publications.

Our Spot Your Photo service allow event guests to receive photos directly to their phones. No need to scroll through hundreds or thousands of events photos. Guests receive only captures they are spotted in.

Photos are taken at all kinds of events. We make it simple to expose your brand to guests, adding beautiful overlays to photos and customizing the look and feel of galleries to match your brand's identity. Guests photos feel like they are truly part of the event. When guests share their photos on social media, your brand will get even more exposure.

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Go beyond the traditional event photographer & photo booths. With our SpotYourPhoto service, event organizers & guests receive the benefits of both & much more.

How We Create Photo Delivery Magic
corporate event photo booth

Corporate Photo Booths

Add an interactive & engaging element to your corporate event with our photo booth service. Our photo booths are designed to enhance guest experiences, promote brand engagement, & create shareable content.


Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Corporate Event?

1. Branded Customization: Tailor the photo booth experience with your company's logo, colors, and branding elements, reinforcing your corporate identity.

2. Data Collection: Incorporate data collection mechanisms into the photo booth to gather valuable insights and leads from event attendees.

3. Entertainment Factor: Our photo booths add a touch of entertainment and excitement, creating a memorable experience that sets your event apart.

4. Social Sharing: Guests can instantly share their branded photos on social media, expanding the reach and impact of your event.

5. Team-Building & Fun: Encourage team-building and camaraderie with our interactive photo booth that brings colleagues together for enjoyable photo sessions.


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Corporate Photo Booth Rentals Done Right!

When it comes to corporate events, we understand that ROI is at the forefront of your marketing group's priorities. That's why our tailored photo booth rental service is designed not only to impress but also to deliver tangible returns on your event investment.


We're dedicated to providing more than just a photo booth. We deliver an experience that aligns with your marketing goals, enhances brand exposure, & generates measurable returns.


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