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vogue photo booth enclosure

Fashion Meets Photo Booths:
Vogue Light Tunnel

Our Vogue Light Tunnel is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines cutting-edge technology with artistic flair, creating stunning & captivating photos that are truly magazine-worthy.


Here's what makes our Vogue Booth stand out:


1. Enchanting Light Tunnel: Our photo booth features a dazzling light tunnel that immerses you in a captivating play of colors & reflections, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for your photos.


2. Full-Length Mirror or Selfie Station: Pose confidently from head to toe with our full-length Mirror Booth or glow with our Selfie Booth, ensuring you look flawless in every shot.


3. Interactive Touchscreen: Our user-friendly touchscreen interface lets you customize your photos with different filters, effects, & overlays, adding a touch of personalization & creativity.


4. High-Resolution Images: Our professional-grade cameras capture every detail, ensuring your photos are of the highest quality, ready to be showcased & cherished.


5. Vogue-Inspired Props: Enhance your photos with a curated selection of chic and fashionable props that complement the high-fashion theme of the booth.


6. Instant Photo Sharing: Share your Vogue-inspired photos instantly via email or social media, allowing you & your guests to celebrate & remember the glamour of the event.


7. Red Carpet Experience: Our photo booth setup includes runway flooring & a red carpet, giving you & your guests the celebrity treatment & making every moment feel like a VIP experience.

Step Into Glamour!!!

Whether you're hosting a sophisticated wedding, a glamorous gala, a fashion-forward corporate event, or any occasion that demands the utmost style, our Vogue Light Tunnel is the perfect addition to our Photo Booth setup.

vogue booth wedding

Elevate Your Event Experience 

Prepare to be amazed by the fusion of modern technology & high-fashion aesthetics. Step into the spotlight, strike a pose, and let our Vogue Light Tunnel Photo Booth capture your most glamorous moments. Contact us to elevate your event with a touch of Vogue-inspired brilliance!

Vogue Photo Booth Features


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