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What is a Glam Photo Booth?

Our Glam Photo Booth for a wedding is an elevated & stylish photo booth experience designed to add a touch of sophistication, elegance, & luxury to the celebration.


A Glam Photo Booth is tailored to match the glamour & aesthetics of a wedding. Offering a Glam/Beauty Filter giving an airbrushed look for a more upscale & refined experience for the couple & their guests.

Our Glam Booth Features

Beauty Filters & Lighting

Our Glam Photo Booths comes with advanced beauty filters that subtly enhance the appearance of guests. These filters can smooth out imperfections, add a soft glow, & enhance natural beauty. Additionally, professional lighting is a hallmark of glam photo booths, ensuring that each photo is well-lit & radiates a sophisticated charm.

glam in color and black and white photo booth
glam color mirror photo booth
glam photo mirror photobooth
glam photo booth prints

Glam Shots: Step into Elegance

Whether you're hosting a chic wedding or a bachelorette celebration, our Kardashian inspired glam booth experience will elevate your event to A-list status.

Get ready to strike a pose, channel your inner Kardashian, & let our photo booth create picture-perfect memories that you'll treasure forever. Contact us now to bring the glitz & glam of the Kardashians to your event!


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